The distribution industry is the beating heart of the American economy, pumping goods throughout the country and the world. If you’ve built a distribution business, it’s understandably close to your heart. We’ll help you secure the optimal value for your company, whether you’re stepping out of the industry or leaning in with a capital raise.

Whether you’re looking to sell your business or bring in investors, these factors will make all the difference in how your distribution company is valued:

  • Range of product categories
  • Product availability
  • Value-added services
  • Year-over-year revenue and profit growth
  • Key management practices
  • Customer concentration
  • Customer service
  • Visibility and reputation
  • Workforce experience
  • Technology-enabled equipment
  • Financials and Financial Management
  • Resilience and adaptability

We’re here to help you get the best value for your business.

Talk to one of our industry experts about how you can focus on these areas to increase your company’s value.

Here are some of the steps you can take to increase your company’s valuation:

Streamline and automate processes.

Lean into tech-powered solutions for your logistics, supply chain, communications, shipping, and other tasks.

Embrace e-commerce.

Post-pandemic living favors remote shopping. By making your products quickly and conveniently available through the internet, you can stay ahead of the competition.

Invest in customer relationships.

Your customers are one of your most valuable assets. Build a diversified customer base, then offer best-in-class customer service to keep them coming back.

Find your niche.

Know what makes your company stand out in the crowd—and make sure everyone else knows it too. Being different gives your company a reason to thrive.

Calder Associates has a 20-year history of successfully selling distribution businesses like yours.

Understanding the complexities of preparing a distribution business for sale is the key to obtaining the best sale price and terms for your business. We’ve sold distribution businesses in industries including:

Industrial products & equipment

Consumer goods



Health Care



Building products

We know what investors and buyers are looking for, and we can help you present your company to its best advantage. Our expertise and experience in the distribution industry will help you secure the best deal for your company.

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