April 22, 2009 | Susan Rosner

Getting Loans for Business Acquisitions in 2009

Getting a loan to buy a business is not as easy as it used to be. Are you prepared? Will you be able to buy that company you want?

If you want to prepare, start by making good decisions.

First, look for companies that your past experience has some relevance to.

Second, make sure you have a good credit history, as the banks, lenders, and Seller will check.

Third, buy a company within your means. The cash you have for a downpayment should be at least 15% of the purchase price.

Last, make sure you have good control of your personal financial needs. When you start a business, or buy a business, make sure it will pay you what you need to SURVIVE without having to dip into savings.

It’s only when you look at these factors, and addressed each one will you be able to obtain the loan required to help you on your way to financial success!

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The Blogger- Susan Rosner

Susan is a Managing Partner in Calder Associates and is responsible for Calder’s Pennsylvania, Delaware, and surrounding area. Susan’s past experience has served hundreds of business owners and buyers in their pursuit to sell or acquire the right business. A past President of the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce, business coach, and speaker at local business events and exit planning conferences, Susan has helped thousands of companies and individuals to success!