Health and Home Care

The healthcare industry is as challenging as it is rewarding, brimful of competition, changing regulations and rising costs. You’ve built your healthcare business through hard work and dedication and you deserve to realize its full value. When the time comes to sell or recapitalize, we’ll help make your experience as smooth and lucrative as possible.

We have a healthy understanding of your industry.

At Calder, we know the factors that determine costs and revenue in the health and home care fields. Our experiences partnering with countless health and home care companies have taught us the ins and outs of dealing with long-term care insurers, Medicare, Medicaid and other reimbursable costs centers.

Our familiarity with businesses like yours helps us present your company to interested parties in the most favorable light, bringing you the best chance of a lucrative offer.

What do buyers and investors want to see in a healthcare company?

To secure the best valuation for your business or practice, you’ll need to consider how others will gauge your success and predict future growth. We’ll help you evaluate your:

  • Sources of income, including reimbursement systems
  • Private insurance
  • Licenses
  • Size of service area and client base
  • Year-over-year revenue and profit growth
  • Key management practices
  • Recurring revenue
  • Visibility and reputation
  • Workforce experience
  • Financials and financial management
  • Resilience and adaptability

The right support can lead to the right sale.

With a little help from the Calder team, you’ll understand your current valuation and how you can make your company more attractive to buyers and investors. We’ll help you:

Develop the perfect messaging mix by analyzing client and patient census data

Increase the valuation of low-earning areas by modifying service levels

Distinguish your company from the competition by establishing robust hiring and staffing practices

Empowering private practices

Small medical practices often feel like there’s no way to escape being swallowed by a hospital system or larger healthcare network. You have options, and we’re here to help you hold your own. We support specialized independent practices, helping them establish their unique value within our extensive private equity network. Don’t cave to pressure—drive value and negotiate from strength.

Calder Associates has a 20-year history of successfully selling health and home care companies like yours.

Partner with us to get the best value for your healthcare business and add your name to our long list of success stories.