Every business needs to embrace technology to survive, but it’s tech companies like yours that are making this evolution possible. As innovations continue to transform the landscape of modern technology, many tech business owners find themselves wondering: what does success look like in an ever-changing industry? When is the right time to exit—and how?

We understand tech businesses because we’ve owned them ourselves.

Our team is familiar with the complexities of preparing a technology company for a sale or capital raise—not just as M&A experts, but as former owners of tech-based businesses. We’ve run technology companies with offerings including:

ERP Solutions

Early-stage venture-backed software companies

Transactional processing systems

Medical processing systems

Software systems for government use

HRIS-based solutions

Our years of real-world experience in this industry have taught us what makes a successful tech company and what drives a successful sale or recapitalization. We’re experts in evaluating intellectual property and service offerings and presenting them in the best light to buyers and investors.

What makes a technology company valuable?

To secure the best valuation for your business, you’ll need to consider how buyers and investors gauge success and predict growth. We’ll help you evaluate your:

  • Year-over-year revenue and profit growth
  • Key management practices
  • Customer concentration
  • Recurring revenue
  • Scalabilty
  • Visibility and reputation
  • Workforce experience
  • Financials and financial management
  • Resilience and adaptability

We’ll also consider other factors based on your company’s service model:

Do you provide tech solutions to other companies or the greater technology industry? Your value will depend on:

  • Scalability within your market
  • Customer loyalty
  • Frequency of recurring transactions
  • Critical factors unique to your service

If you manage tech-based solutions on behalf of other businesses, your company’s value will depend on:

  • Size of client base
  • In-house technical expertise
  • Ability to meet clients’ changing needs

Calder Associates has a 20-year history of successfully selling technology businesses like yours.

Partner with us to get the best value for your company and add your name to our long list of success stories.