How much is your business really worth? Get the answers you need.

Receive a comprehensive valuation of your business that reflects its true, fair market value.


Knowing the value of your business is priceless.

Your business may be precious to you, but it’s crucial that you know its true value in the marketplace. A proper valuation can open doors for your company, whether you’re preparing your exit strategy or looking into opportunities for growth.

Why get your business valued?

Among other reasons, you might commission a valuation to:

  • Prepare for an upcoming sale, merger, or partner buy-out
  • Discover ways to boost your value ahead of selling
  • Apply for SBA financing (small-business loans)
  • Estimate estate or gift taxes
  • Satisfy legal requirements from a third party

How is valuation determined?

A valuation is far more complex than a glance at your books. We consider the complete picture, taking into account factors such as:

  • Past performance
  • Potential for sustainability
  • Organizational structure
  • Competitive landscape
  • Company risk profile

Ready to find out what your business is worth?

Opinion of Value

A quick look at the present can be invaluable for your future.

Unlike a comprehensive valuation to meet legal or financial requirements, an Opinion of Value is just for you. It’s a relatively simple way to get a better understanding of your company’s approximate value. You can use your Opinion of Value to adjust your business practices and increase your company’s value as you approach an eventual sale.

Are you thinking of selling your business? Start by getting an Opinion of Value.

Tools of the trade

Machinery and equipment valuations

Let your equipment work for you by serving as collateral for a loan or line of credit. To determine the collateral value of your equipment, you’ll need an official machinery and equipment valuation.

To be accepted by a lender, your equipment valuation must:

Meet USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) standards

Be performed by an appraiser with professional training, education, and experience

Be completely objective, with no agenda beyond establishing a fair value of your assets

Preferably be certified by a reputable agency, such as the ASA or NEBB Institute

We can help you secure your loan by arranging an equipment valuation that satisfies all the above requirements.

Why choose Calder?

We know value when we see it.


Our decades of experience helping business owners buy, sell, and value their companies has given us a keen understanding of what a business is worth.


Our specialists are skilled at extracting an accurate value from a tangle of numbers. Many of our team members have owned businesses themselves, giving them an insider perspective on the process.


When you work with Calder, you can be confident that you’re getting best-in-industry treatment. We offer professional, committed service, and we treat every client like a Fortune 500 company.