Find (and close) on the perfect business—and take it to new heights

Don’t stumble blindly into an acquisition—leverage our decades of M&A experience and proprietary tools to choose your dream business and seal the deal on favorable terms.

Before you get behind the wheel of a new business, make sure it passes inspection.

By taking on a company that’s already proven its potential, you have a unique opportunity to hit the ground running. Not only do you benefit from immediate cash flow, but you can pursue your entrepreneurial dream without the risks associated with building a business from the ground up. And if you’re a corporate acquirer, you can uncover growth opportunities while expanding your capacity, talent and/or product offering.

The stakes are high, though: an inexperienced buyer could easily overlook the perfect prospect, fall short in negotiations, or come to regret his or her purchase.

Buying a business is an enormous investment, one that requires careful consideration and a thorough understanding of the dynamics of a successful sale. Through financial analysis, strategic evaluation, and deep due diligence, we help you identify the right target company for your needs and take the burden of negotiating the deal off your shoulders.

Here’s how we can support you in your path to acquisition:

We identify target businesses that meet your financial and strategic needs

We evaluate prospects’ performance, potential, and compatibility

We assist you in closing the deal on terms that maximize your return on investment

Our buy-side services include:

  • Thorough assessment of a buyer’s needs, experience and interests
  • Identification of target industries
  • Target sourcing
  • Preliminary review and assessment of targets
  • Valuation of potential targets
  • Interim review of potential targets
  • Negotiation of offer including initial terms and conditions
  • Drafting of Indication of Interest and/or Letter of Intent
  • Due diligence management and coordination
  • Financing assistance including identification of lending institution
  • Coordination of a professional team including attorneys, accountants and others
  • Closing coordination
  • Post-closing follow-up

Why choose Calder as your M&A intermediary?


Our vast network of contacts allows us to cast an extremely wide net and to narrow down prospects until we find your ideal acquisition.


We dedicate our time, attention, and extensive expertise to the search, so you don’t have to chase leads or wade through financial reports.


Our sterling reputation speaks for itself. You can count on us to keep our promises, keep your information private, and keep your best interests in mind.

Ready to start your next chapter?